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Welcome to Murray's Home

Sober Living For Men 18 Years or Older

In loving memory of a good friend of ours who passed away from drugs and alcohol. He was the type of friend who would show up when no one else did & that's the what the house does.

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Our Mission

It is our mission to help you create a life beyond what you have ever dreamed of. We are the steppingstone between treatment and your new life as a recovered individual. We will help empower you. We will learn to grow together in spirituality. We will practice perseverance, self-love, honesty, selflessness and kindness. We will provide a safe, affordable, drug and alcohol-free home-style atmosphere where a solid foundation for recovery can be built, so you can live a productive and meaningful life. You will learn to live life on life's terms without the use of alcohol or drugs.

The Garden promotes individual recovery by providing an environment that allows members to develop personalized recovery programs and become self-supporting. We do require all members to become actively involved in the 12-Step process. Although we do not dictate their program to stay clean and sober, we do expect each member to exhibit certain minimal actions which include attendance at 12-Step meetings (AA/NA), getting a sponsor, working the steps and getting involved in recovery related activities.

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About Us

We Are a 12-Step Based Program

We are a 12-Step based program that is operated by people whose lives had been shattered by drug and alcohol
addiction – only to be transformed through the power of working the 12-Steps. Our program, the structure and
accountability we provide, the suggestions and advice we give, are all SUPPORT for the intensive, one-on-one
work you will do with a sponsor while taking the 12 Steps.

Learning to live a positive lifestyle is not difficult, nor does it take an extremely long amount of time. What it
DOES take, is someone who is willing (has the desire to change), honest (will open up and talk about what’s
really going on inside you), and open-minded (someone who doesn’t think they already have all the answers). If
this describes you, then you just may have what it takes to get clean and sober – and stay that way!

The Garden is not for everyone. We are not the place for someone who is not 100% serious about long term
success. We interview each potential resident and assess their willingness, character, and determine whether
they will be a good fit for our program. If Murray’s Home is not the place for you, then we will give you some
referrals to other programs.

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